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Beijing Technology and Engineering Co., Ltd (BETEC) is a global high-tech enterprise providing geological exploration services, research, software development and technology support to the mining and energy industries.

Originally incorporated under the business name ¡°Survey Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. Beijing,¡± BETEC was established in 1987 to provide scientific research and production/software development for the Chinese Geological Exploration Bureau. The company was integrated as a professional firm with the Bureau¡¯s Department of Geology and Mineral Resources and also the Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration Technology Academy¡¯s Geological Survey (now the China Development Research Center.)

25 years later, BETEC now operates as a full-service provider of geological, geophysical & geochemical surveying, mapping and technology advancements in mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration, hydraulics, earth physics archaeological exploration, seismic safety evaluation, city construction inspections, remote sensing, geological disasters, land surveying, geodesy, photogrammetry, engineering surveying, geographic information systems development and many other areas.

BETEC is proud to have produced a great deal of significant results worldwide, and has been a four-time recipient of the Ministry of Exploration¡¯s Achievement Award in China, and two-time winner of the Land Resources Science and Technology Award.

Since its formation in 1987, BETEC has experienced over 25 years of sustained growth, now employing more than 100 people who operate out of its Beijing office.

BETEC currently holds the following relevant state department qualification certificates:

• Solid Mineral Exploration & Geophysical (Class A) from the Geological Survey
• Mapping Qualification Certificate (Grade A)
• Seismic Safety Construction Permit Evaluation (has-class)
• Construction Quality Inspection Agency certification
• Geological Hazard Survey (has-class)
• ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Management System certification
• Quality and Technical Supervision Measurement (CMA) accreditation
• "China People's Republic of Overseas Project Contracting Business Qualification¡± certified by the state Department of Commerce
• Beijing Science and Technology Committee approved as a high-tech enterprise

The company is also continually updating and improving its techniques and equipment to catch up with the changing needs and demands of the industries it works with.

BETEC operates using a series of advanced equipment and processing techniques to build a broad, solid platform such as:

• High-precision gravimeter LACOSTE
• G-858SX optically pumped cesium magnetometer
• V8 multifunction electric hair systems
• High-power IP systems
• High precision electrical instruments
• MARK Series Proton magnetic gravity meter for shallow earthquakes
• Digital seismograph
• SIR Series penetrating radar
• Global positioning systems
• Digital map production equipment
• Various types of precision leveling
• High-precision total station
• Graphics workstation (core digital editing platform)
• Pile diagnostic equipment (underground pipeline detector)

Manned by a team of senior experts, doctors, masters, and senior professional and technical staff, BETEC provides high-level scientific and technological innovation to its domestic geological prospecting, mapping and engineering test work.

Quality and innovation is always the pursuit of BETEC; continuously creating a remarkable performance. Honest and trustworthy, with a mutual benefit to both the company and client, BETEC is all about cooperation and the pursuit of excellence.